Much of how we are supported in the costs of running Sugarloaf is through donations, no matter how big or small.

Horses are not cheap to keep healthy and well, with the continuous supply of feed, bedding, not forgetting, good fitting tack (saddles/bridles/rugs etc). Many of our riders need special reins, stirrups and other equipment to help them balance and ride safely, which is often costly. 





Keeping our horses

Without our horses we would not be able to continue to give the opportunity to disabled people the chance to be independent and help emotionally and mentally by riding with us, so the horses welfare is top priority to keep them in tip top condition and happy. 


Our estimated running costs per horse

stabling £1,820 per year

Feed & Supplements £240 per year

Bedding £520 per year

Flu & Tetanus injections £46 per year

Farrier £120 per year

Worming £90 per year

Horse Insurance £400+ per year

Horse Dentist £45 per year

Saddler £75  per year

The smallest donation could buy a bale of hay £4.50 or a salt lick for the stable £3.50. 

Second-hand tack, rugs, riding clothes and equipment etc are also greatly appreciated and can be sold to raise money for rising expenses.