After Aaron’s win for Sugarloaf Rda at St Albans in 2010,  his brother Josh wins  in the Countryside Challenge on the same horse, kirsh, which was kindly donated by Janet from another RDA group. Aaron done well also coming 3rd in the Countryside Challenge and 5th in Intro to Dressage.

Josh’s win made him eligable to compete a Hartpury College at Gloustershire, following in his brothers footsteps. He done very well coming 6th in the Countryside Challenge and 2nd in Intro to Dressage and making 3rd in points combined for both classes in the whole show.

This is an excellent achievement for our riders after considering the RDA entries in the classes travelled from around the whole of the uk and Ireland to take part.

Well done Josh (left) Aaron (middle) and big thank you to Ryan (right) and all the other riders that took part and volunteers who attended to give support and cheer them on.