Our Riders

Our riders range in age from 3 to adult.  They have a wide range of physical and mental disabilities.  They come to love riding and love our horses.  They enjoy learning new skills.  We arrange proficiency tests, following the Riding for the Disabled Association syllabus, to recognise and reward their abilities. Many of our riders have achieved their 1,2,3 certificates in riding and horse care. A few have even achieved their grade 4, which is fantastic. With better facilities to work in we are sure some could go onto achieving bronze, silver and gold awards.

We had funding to take  some of our riders on holiday in 2010.  Several riders, their carers/parents, instructors and some volunteers all went off to Clwyd Special Riding Centre in Wales. While there they learnt to fetch and turn out horses from the fields. learning how to clean horses and their tack and have had a most enjoyable time riding around the beautiful, well kept centre. We managed to take riders on holiday several more times until we moved the group to another premises

Some of our riders have taken part in competitions organised by the Riding for the Disabled Association and have had competed in the Nationals at Hartpury College. On one occasion one of our riders and a young lad from another RDA group won for the East Region at Hartpury, this was wonderful and we were very impressed with this achievement.

If you know someone who you think would benefit from riding then please do get in touch, or visit us to see what we do.  We are a very friendly and welcoming group.




The happy smiling faces makes it so fulfilling and just shows that our riders are getting so much enjoyment from riding with us. Makes it all so worthwhile and very rewarding.