Sugarloaf volunteers, riders and parents enjoying time at Clwyd

clwyd holiday

After a great time driving they each received a lovely rosette.

holiday 2015 5

Making sure the horses are well groomed before and after riding.

holiday 2015 4

Someone definitely enjoyed riding the biggest horse

holiday 2015 7

While some just enjoyed a cheeky cuddle

holiday 2015 8

Pampering and love, horses enjoyed it as much as the riders

holiday 2015 9

Trekking up the steep hill

holiday 2015 16

Lovely ride in the sunshine

holiday 2015 13

Time for a trot!

holiday 2015 14

Learning the driving skills

holiday 2015 18

Start of the big climb up the hill

holiday 2015 15

What a great time everyone had

holiday 2015 10

Each rider got the chance to have a go at driving a horse.

holiday 2015 11

Driving in the outdoor arena

holiday 2015 12

Lots of concentration

holiday 2015 19

Riding is still the number one choice for some riders