Del Boy




Our Horses 



Del Boy – 16.1 hh, 15 year old Irish Draught Gelding. Came to us in July 2018 and is the perfect horse for some of our bigger riders.

He is such a gentle giant. Sometimes gets impatient when standing still in the school but never moves at the block when riders are mounting. He loves Bess and will be with her in the field all the time, not letting anyone else near her. The Wooden Spoon Charity funded the group to buy Del Boy and are very grateful. Eastern Counties teams up with Rugbytots to purchase Del Boy | Wooden Spoon.




Bess – A 19 year old, 14.2 hands Welsh Section D Mare is very gentle, affectionate and loves her job.

When she first came to us as a 5 year old, she was a little unsure and we did wonder if she would ever settle into her routine with us. She is now giving confidence, not only to her riders but to the other horses she is working with. 

She is easy to lead and is a beautiful gentle girl that just loves a fuss and cuddle.

Bess is definitely worth her weight in gold and everyone loves her.





Comet – He is a skewbald (brown and white) 14 hands cob gelding. He was purchased with the money donated by The Essex Community Foundation. Though he is 9 years old he sometimes acts like a baby, being nosey and wanting to nibble and play especially when we use the poles and balls (he thinks they are for eating). It has taken him a little while to understand what is being asked of him within our riding sessions but has now settled and working well for our group.

Comet also likes rolling in the mud after it’s been raining, probably because he gets a good brush from volunteers once dry. He is a very cheeky pony.

















This is one of our past horses, “Chaffie“. Chaffie joined the group as a 5 yr old and retired at the age of 22. She was purchased with money donated by the Chafford Masonic Lodge, which is the reason her name became Chaffie. Here she is receiving her long service medal from some of the members of the Chafford Masonic Lodge in 2018

Gilly was a 15.1 Grey Highland Gelding, he came to us in 2018 but unfortunately he needed a more of a one to one home, so in 2020 we found him a lovely home with an older gentleman and his granddaughter, who now hack out together. He is really enjoying his home and has settled down in a much quieter pace.