Our Horses

Chaffie – An 18 year old Irish Cob Mare is 15.3 hands and is a very gentle well mannered horse. Chaffie was donated to the group by the Chafford Masonic Lodge in 2002 which was the inspiration for her name.

Bess – A 9 year old, 14.2 hands Welsh Section D very gentle, affectionate and amenable.

Punch- 20 year old, 13.2 hands Welsh Section C, palomino gelding who is ideal for the smaller rider.

On the 22/11/14  we were given a young grey Welsh Section A filly by the name of Leti, one of our volunteers is currently looking after her until she is old enough to be used by the group. All horses and ponies must be 5 years and over to be used by the group due to Insurance.

             Bess                                                 Chaffie                                                 Punch